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Engage with your School District and City officials to procure the necessary infrastructure.

Conduct the inter school tournament and help you participate in regional and national cricket tournaments


  • Help you plan the interschool tournament supplying all the templates and sharing all the required information needed.

  • Share and help your school team participate in regional and national cricket tournament

Conduct coaching Sessions in your school

  • We have certified  volunteer and professional coaches identified in most of the cities who can conduct the train the trainer sessions for your school P.E. staff.

  • Develop the customized cuuriculum based on the kids skill set, kind of facilities you have etc.,

  • Train the kids in various aspects of the cricket skill.

Setting up Cricket Club in your School

  • Share templates required for canvasing to approval of the club.

  • Starting  the enrollment

  • Fiinding a faculty advisor.

  • Setting up the accounts.

How we can help you

Supplying the equipment

We work with local adult leagues and youth academies to collecct the new and old unused cricket gear and donate to different schools based on the skill level of the respective school kids.

Conduct Coaching Sessions in your community

With the available pool of professional and volunteer coaches in different communities we work with respective Parks and Recreational departments to conduct the seassonal cricket camps and weekend training as part of city programs.

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